Finals really snuck up on me this time around. I’ve been working on my American literature discussion of nineteenth-century democracy for a while, because I’ve actually really enjoyed it. It’s this comparison between Tennyson and Browning’s discussions of Victorian Age spiritual doubt and conceptions of immortality that’s really… a downer, so to speak.

I was up until 5:30am last night working, because until yesterday I’d spent all of my countless hours in the library planning my Haiti benefit: http://springforhaiti.wordpress.com/ and polishing my American masterpiece. Okay, maybe not so much a masterpiece… but I know I’ve said it before – I think I’ve found my niche! Also, I’m up late most nights anway because it’s proven incredibly, strangely, difficult to sleep here. So it wasn’t a forced all-nighter, as a result of procrastination. For the most part.

My periodic Facebook status updates from last night:

– It’s midnight. Two and half days until freedom. Until I write the 6,000 more words due in January… *attached link to YouTube – Stevie Wonder’s ‘Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing’*

– It’s 1:30am. Last night, my computer happily let me watch three episodes of The Office. Tonight, I’ve asked him to allow at least 1,000 words of my Victorian essay, and he has decided to scream, black out, oblierate my progress, and refuse to restart. Someone needs to adjust their priorities. (Me, apparently.)

– It’s 4:30am. 4,500 words. I just realized I’ve been typing “glorly” instead of “glory” for the past hour and getting really confused by the red squiggly line. I also genuinely just tried to spell squiggly, “sgwiggly”.

– 5:15am… those starchy, polyester pillowcases are looking mighty comfy…

And now it’s 3:47pm, and I’m running on six hours of sleep (praise!!), Toffee Dodgers, and a slice of pizza, and… not writing my essays. Because I’m writing this.



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